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Program Management Office (PMO)

Success Happens By Design

Coordinating success for one project is challenging enough. Multiply that by two, three, or four projects and the failure potential is high.

Not with the proprietary Program Management Office from Crimson & Co.

An extension of our philosophy to create change and add value to a client’s products, services, or processes, our PMO methodology provides a defined structure for coordinating multiple projects simultaneously and has proven to be extremely valuable at managing inter-project dependencies, resource allocation, and resource prioritization.

Our PMO organization structure umbrella drives communication, visibility, and change direction at the appropriate level of management. Keeping the momentum for success rolling as the project moves from conception to implementation is the key to success.

Success happens when you design for it. Our project management standards and process have been adopted from industry best practices (including the Project Management Institute [PMI]) and our experience.

Remember, we start with the end in mind. Our experience across a broad spectrum of industries and a wide variety of program management issues ensures you get a solution custom-built to your specific business goals, challenges, and opportunities.

Let Crimson & Co design success for your organization. Contact Bruce Strahan.