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Lean Programs/Lean Operations

Lean is in Our DNA

“Lean thinking” as a logistics concept is simple: maximize customer value while minimizing waste. However, the reality of lean thinking can be a real hassle.

Not for Crimson & Co. Lean is so imbedded in how we think and how we approach our work that it’s second nature. We’ve done more then read a book on lean. We’ve been living it through our work processes and results for over 30 years.

For every project, we begin with understanding the needs of downstream internal and external customers, a prerequisite to beginning and then navigating the lean journey. We also employ project management rigor to organize the sponsors and stakeholders, and create and formally manage to a plan once there is alignment on the project definitions, mission and objectives.

We encourage employee involvement because great ideas come from within, a foundation of continuous improvement that accelerates benefits. Early involvement also accelerates the buy-in needed to more easily manage change.

We employ risk management and contingency planning, assuming things won’t go exactly as forecasted or planned and preparing for when they don’t.

And of course, fundamentally, we put a high emphasis on eliminating waste, in the design process and in the end solutions. We strive for operational flow and balance over accumulation systems, employing quantitative methods like simulation to test what’s possible. We work to assess the risks and strike an effective balance between over vs. under-engineered solutions.

Remember, we start with the end in mind. Our experience across a broad spectrum of industries and a wide variety of lean programs and operational issues ensures you get a solution custom-built to your specific business goals, challenges, and opportunities.

Let Crimson & Co put their lean DNA to work for you. Contact Bruce Strahan.