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Integrated Material Handling Systems

Independent, Non-biased Supplier Relationships Ensures Independent, Non-biased Solutions.

Crimson & Co is unique in structure and approach to your project. Leaders in integrated material handling systems design since the 1980s, we leverage our experience and protect against bias when choosing and managing implementation of the right solution for a client.

Our approach to technology investment starts with your organization’s overall investment strategies, financial structure, and long-term business objectives and takes into account other business initiatives competing for capital within your organization. We know how to tell when to invest in advanced technology and when conventional equipment provides the best return. The business objectives should guide the design. From the most basic operations using carts and simple devices to high-speed fulfillment operations using wave picking, high speed sortation, robotics, goods-to-person technology, voice-directed picking, and sophisticated planning and controls, there is an appropriate answer for the business problem.

Our approach is to compare the baseline options against higher-cost, higher-risk options to clearly understand what the incremental investment buys you.  And, the softer criteria must come into play—complexity, risk, flexibility, timing, sensitivity to variances in the underlying assumptions that justify and validate the design

Our experience helping clients evaluate and choose between various technologies, material handling equipment, controls, and supply chain systems can be put to work for you. Long-standing working relationships with suppliers means the RFP and bid process is both efficient and aimed at value, fit, and lowest risk.  And, our non-financial-based working relationship with vendors complements their capabilities and ensures you get unbiased trade knowledge and expertise.

Our market presence and research keeps us current with the range of innovative, viable solutions and the technology—what’s real, what works, and what’s relevant. We’ll work with you to choose the right options to consider, and then lead an unbiased and thorough evaluation of those options.

Our non-exclusive relationships with many top solution providers feed our market research and provide insight into the genuine risks and benefits of specific solutions. We’ve intentionally avoided creating relationships where we might enjoy financial gain from the selection of a specific solution. Meaning, we have no end game benefit for anything other than right sizing the solution size and cost.

Remember, we start with the end in mind. Our experience across a broad spectrum of industries and a wide variety of integrated material handling system issues ensure you get a solution custom-built to your specific business goals, challenges, and opportunities.

Let Crimson & Co help your organization design a solution based on the unique demand of your business model. Contact Bruce Strahan.