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Supply Chain Strategy

From Concept Through Implementation, The Results Flow

Your supply chain is the life-blood of your organization. Keeping it strong and remaining competitive requires a long-term, highly focused strategy.

Each functional area of your supply chain must perform as part of a balanced system. And, to work properly, the individual functions cannot be designed in a vacuum. Higher inventory levels may improve fill rates, but drive up working capital cost. Shipping only in full truckloads may lower freight cost, but might add days to the delivery cycle.

We help you attack your biggest supply chain challenges and define a set of strategic and tactical action plans. We then assist you in designing the roadmap for implementation and working with you through the process. We measure our success by helping you be successful.

Our analytical modeling of networks, facilities, and inventories support the strategic design process with better comprehension of the variables and risks and instills greater confidence in the solutions and transition plan. Our experience at leading client teams to produce realistic, implementation-oriented solutions ensures efficiency improvement, costs reduction, and sustainable practices implementation.

Remember, we start with the end in mind. Our experience across a broad spectrum of industries and a wide variety of supply chain issues ensures you get a solution custom-built to your specific business goals, challenges, and opportunities.

Let Crimson & Co take you from concept through implementation and make the results flow for your organization. Contact Bruce Strahan.

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