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Facility & Operations Design

Make Change Happen to Improve Costs, Service, & Accuracy

Change isn’t an easy thing to swallow, especially not when it comes to facility and operations design. But we’ve made the transition easier for hundreds of clients worldwide by addresses the three most integral elements: people, process, and performance.

When considered and developed in parallel, not individually, these elements enable you to make change happen with the least amount of pain and hassle.

People are the foundation of a strong design. At the front end is a clear view of customer needs and desires and at the back end is your organization’s capacity to properly manage, from the shop floor associate to the C floor executive.

A well-thought-out, well-designed process integrates the physical task at hand with systems, controls, ergonomics, and man/machine interfaces and not only promotes efficiency and standardization, but also incorporates adequate flexibility to accommodate natural variation.

Performance—financial, time, accuracy, and productivity—is our focus throughout, whether we’re talking about designing a sound facility network or getting high productivity out of the picking and packing operation.

Remember, we start with the end in mind. Our experience across a broad spectrum of industries and a wide variety of facility and operations issues ensures you get a solution custom-built to your specific business goals, challenges, and opportunities.

Let Crimson & Co help you make change happen to improve costs, service, and accuracy for your organization. Contact Bruce Strahan.

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