Why Supply Chain Planning Matters

It seems like almost every day that we hear of an emerging development in the global trade environment, whether it be the fallout of US-China trade talks, United-States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) or Brexit. This is, however, only one of the key trends that is affecting the supply ...

BOPUS & the Rise of eCommerce Lockers Discussed at #OpsSummit

Recent research has shown that 68% of consumers will abandon a market basket if the seller does not offer free shipping. An emerging shopping option—Buy Online, Pick Up at Store (or “BOPUS”)—is acclimating consumers to the idea of using onsite lockers where consumers can pick up the ...

How to Go True Multi-Channel—The Lucky Brand Experience

At the #OpsSummit it was interesting to learn that successful blue jean maker Lucky Brand is addressing its eCommerce challenges using a slightly different approach, called Buy Online Pick In Store (or “BOPIS”). BOPIS means the customer may not pick up a previously purchased item at ...

Your implementation process is a journey based on metrics, execution, results and an honest real-time assessment of status. Part 4 of 4

The team is driving towards commissioning and acceptance of your solutions, including equipment, controls, systems, and planning tools in a real-world context. Your program leader organizes the implementation activities into a specific logistics program management office (PMO) ...

The key challenge with your peak season design phase is to effectively evaluate real-time: can it be implemented in the remaining timeframe? Part 3 of 4

The key challenge with your peak season design phase is to effectively evaluate real-time: can it be implemented in the remaining timeframe

So, your 2019 peak operational capabilities assessment is done. Now what? Part 2 of 4

The outcome is a list of operational,  technology, lean  or training  needs that offer improvement. The list may seem daunting, however, it becomes manageable because working together with the team prioritizes the potential initiatives, based on operational impact and ...

You just attended your internal 2019 ops planning meeting… you have your corporate marching orders for 2019 Peak Season, so what’s next? Par1 1 of 4

Operational Assessment It is mid-February and there is one thing our consultants know happens every year: companies around the world are finishing up their analysis regarding how they did during Peak Season 2018. We’re already working with eCommerce companies who started at ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Amazon raises wages, will others follow suit? Amazon reports they are raising all minimum wages to $15/hour for U.S. workers. The New York Times reports there is political pressure too, as Amazon says it would also lobby to raise the federal minimum wage, which has been set at $7.25 ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Are stores ready for peak season? We’re seeing a lot of reports on businesses getting ready for peak season, as you might imagine. The Walls Street Journal is reporting that our store worker is “out of stock” and the needs of businesses are outpacing the number of ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

We hope you had a great Labor Day holiday and weekend! Here is our recap for this week from Crimson & Co North America: Labor Day and labor in the supply chain industry This year, Dan Gilmore, Editor with Supply Chain Digest has a piece on labor (has been doing them close to Labor ...


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