BOPUS & the Rise of eCommerce Lockers Discussed at #OpsSummit

Recent research has shown that 68% of consumers will abandon a market basket if the seller does not offer free shipping. An emerging shopping option—Buy Online, Pick Up at Store (or “BOPUS”)—is acclimating consumers to the idea of using onsite lockers where consumers can pick up the ...

How to Go True Multi-Channel—The Lucky Brand Experience

At the #OpsSummit it was interesting to learn that successful blue jean maker Lucky Brand is addressing its eCommerce challenges using a slightly different approach, called Buy Online Pick In Store (or “BOPIS”). BOPIS means the customer may not pick up a previously purchased item at ...

How smart is your robot?

I recently had a chance to spend two days “playing with the robots” at one of our client’s warehouses. It was fascinating. Outwardly, I wanted to better understand what all the noise was about. Do they really work in a distribution setting? The jury is still out, but I am optimistic ...

Slotting a Warehouse

You can finally buy the secret ingredient… Slotting a warehouse is similar to fake news… a few people are pitching it, but a huge number of people don’t believe in it. While there are many definitions for slotting, the most common is the idea that you can group your most popular items ...

The 5 Proven Steps to Better Warehouse Labor Performance

Is your problem: Too many people? Maybe it’s about knowing how to have better warehouse labor performance. I just returned from a world tour of warehouses in Europe, the Middle East and Asia. One of my stops was India. I am always amazed by how many people live in cities like ...

football on field

Why Does Training Matter in a Warehouse?

It’s Fall Football Season and inspired by a Matt Ryan led Falcon loss this week, I wanted to share something about training in our business. This loss to Russel Wilson and the Seahawks, 26 to 24 was a tough one. After a close game like this, one cannot help but wonder what’s the ...

wrong in a warehouse

Operation Forensics: When Things Go Wrong in a Warehouse

When something goes really wrong in a warehouse, how do you fix it? From my experience, there is a great deal of rumor and innuendo that floats around in a building that is struggling. Going from bad to good is much harder than going from good to great because it is not always obvious ...


In a previous post, we offered a basic look at lean methodology, Six Sigma’s role, and The Progress Group’s take on the keys to success to implementing both. But one of the biggest challenges to lean operations realization is ensuring everyone—from top to bottom, sponsors and ...


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