One-Number Forecasting

Simon Clarke examines the challenges and potential approaches that promote collaboration and alignment of different functional groups. Previously, I shared the importance of being clear about the purpose of the forecast and ensuring it aligns with the organizational mission. In this ...

Forecasting with a Purpose – Context is Crucial

Simon Clarke reviews critical factors to consider when addressing forecast improvements In my previous blog I shared some of the typical areas where forecasting improvement opportunities may be found. Before taking a deeper dive into what these are, and what to do about them, it is ...

Slotting a Warehouse

You can finally buy the secret ingredient… Slotting a warehouse is similar to fake news… a few people are pitching it, but a huge number of people don’t believe in it. While there are many definitions for slotting, the most common is the idea that you can group your most popular items ...

Supply Chain and Logistics Recap

We’re working on expanding our blog series about Lean Operations… posting our first recently, here. We also want to make sure you didn’t miss our popular post about Scaling or Failing… a piece about how to expand – and more importantly – when to ...

Nine Best Practices for Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) Implementation

It’s been more than 60 years since the first Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) began moving product through warehouses, and the technology is still going strong.  Research and Markets reports “the automated guided vehicle market is expected to reach USD 2.68 billion by 2022, growing at ...

Get Started in Lean Supply Chain Operations, Step 1 of 5

This is the beginning of our blog series on lean supply chain operations explained in five steps. In our series of understanding and implementing Lean/Six Sigma initiatives, we would like to provide a roadmap guide for execution. Crimson & Co knows how to lead companies through ...

Scale or Fail: 5 Ways to Run an eCommerce Warehouse

We’ve been discussing important aspects of eCommerce over the last few weeks because the topic is coming up again and again in our daily interactions with clients and prospects. As our industry – specifically eCommerce – changes and grows so does our ability to ...

eCommerce Data, Logistics & Supply Chain

This is our normal Supply Chain and Logistics Recap but it’s all about eCommerce this week, apparently. There are items being ordered daily within our company and shipped directly to our homes (okay, my home) or picked and pulled for us to pick up at brick and mortar stores. ...

Supply Chain and Logistics Recap

Spring Break? Passover? Easter? It’s here already and Summer isn’t far behind. As companies get ready for peak season at the end of this year (and plan and prepare for 2018, as is our industry timing), we move into Summer with great plans for clients as well as some ...

Supply Chain, Logistics and Conference Recap

We’re back and traveling again… Last week we returned from the Operations Summit and were preparing to go to ProMat Show 2017 and we’re here now in Chicago. If some of you are checking in after meeting us at the #OpsSummit, we’re glad you’re checking in ...


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