How To Make Peak Season 2017 The BEST EVER

Quick reminder: Peak 2016 ended two months ago. Long enough to figure out what went wrong and what went right. And, certainly by now, your 2017 process improvement work plans are defined, assigned, and well under way. Sound like you? No? Well, Black Friday is only 37 weeks away. Take ...

Peak Season

Done With the Holidays? Think again. Think Peak Season.

It’s after the New Year, and the unrelenting challenges of 2016’s peak eCommerce season seem behind us. Or, are they? It could be a costly mistake if you misjudge the full cycle of peak season. This is not the time to prop your feet up and hit the snooze button for a few months, my ...

Growth at The Progress Group

The Progress Group is Growing

We’re happy to introduce you to two people who have recently filled new positions at The Progress Group. Perry Galanopolous, Director Facility and Operation Design Perry brings a broad and deep background to The Progress Group, that provides a unique ...

eCommerce Logistics and Supply Chain Management Consulting & Consultants

Peak Season for e-Commerce is Done. How Did You Do?

We all pay attention to news about the delivery and shipment issues, or the systems failures that hit a number of retailers across the country during the Peak e-Commerce shopping season in 2015. There’s nothing worse than the sound of an undelivered holiday gift. Some retailers are ...


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