One-Number Forecasting

Simon Clarke examines the challenges and potential approaches that promote collaboration and alignment of different functional groups. Previously, I shared the importance of being clear about the purpose of the forecast and ensuring it aligns with the organizational mission. In this ...

Robots in Supply Chain & Logistics

Over the last several months, we’ve provided some information on robots in the supply chain and logistics industry. Recently, we compiled all of it and decided to present it here for ease of use for a broad view of what we have on our site. White Paper: Here is a white paper ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Uber to Build Up Freight The Verge reported Uber spend $200 million annually and hire thousands of employees to set up its young long-haul trucking venture, Uber Freight. The business will be located in their downtown Chicago office with 2,000 employees they are hiring over the next ...

Forecasting with a Purpose – Context is Crucial

Simon Clarke reviews critical factors to consider when addressing forecast improvements In my previous blog I shared some of the typical areas where forecasting improvement opportunities may be found. Before taking a deeper dive into what these are, and what to do about them, it is ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

VC Funding for Robots to Tune of $94 Million Fetch Robots Inc. raised $46 million ($94 million to date) to grow in the area of autonomous mobile robots to be use toward expansion and R&D. Automation Magazine reports that this round, led by Fort Ross Ventures, with CEAS ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Big Change in Warehouse Design Fundamental changes are going on in warehouse design as a tactic to lure workers who want more during their workday. They are offering things like gyms, coffee shops, and better lighting. Here is a quick video with subtitles or the story on LinkedIn. ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Second Half of 2019 Looking Good Companies are feeling good looking ahead to the end of 2019 because hiring has been going well. WSJ reports, “Shipping-focused businesses added nearly 15,000 jobs from May to June, the WSJ Logistics Report’s Jennifer Smith writes, boosting ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Lanternflies and Truckers In March, Penske Truck Leasing ran a story about how the spotted lanternfly had infiltrated the United States because of the danger of the destruction of crops. WSJ picked it up at the end of June, but the report is the same. First spotted in PA in 2014 led ...

Forecasting: future imperfect

Why forecasting is crucial and what we can do to improve For several decades’ companies have attempted to optimize procurement, manufacturing, inventory and distribution decisions using forecasts. Despite significant investments in the development of people and technology capability, ...

Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Shopify Adding Fulfillment Service Shopify has announced the addition of its fulfillment service. Yesterday, we learned they are using a network of fulfillment centers to help reduce sellers’ costs and simplify their process. Chain Store Age reported they are rolling out several ...


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