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Supply Chain & Logistics Recap

Big Change in Warehouse Design

Fundamental changes are going on in warehouse design as a tactic to lure workers who want more during their workday. They are offering things like gyms, coffee shops, and better lighting. Here is a quick video with subtitles or the story on LinkedIn.

True Value Co and a $150 Million Endeavor

The WSJ reports that Hardware wholesaler True Value Co. is working to improve its supply chain to improve their performance in eCommerce and with big-box retailers. An independent hardware store supplier for thousands around the U.S. is working with $150 million to work on the distribution network and for software development.

Retraining Employees for the Future

Amazon plans to spend millions of dollars retraining 1/3 of its workers for the future of automation. They are pledging $700 million that will “upskill” people into automation positions if their jobs may become outdated. Completed projection date is 2025 for as many as 100,000 employees. For example, they will retain non-technical employees software engineering, some fulfillment roles into IT roles, offer machine learning skills and will provide fulfillment employees pre-paid tuition programs of their choice in higher demand jobs. In addition to providing above, Amazon will arrange paid classroom training and on-the-job apprenticeships and AWS education.

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Published in July 2019



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